Volunteers from Swindon Junior Street Reps teamed up with University of Bath PhD students to release three films on what they want to see in Swindon and the UK to tackle global warming, during the COP26 conference in Glasgow.

The Junior Street Reps are a group of passionate young volunteers who work with Swindon Borough Council's adult Street Reps to improve the different parts of Swindon for all who live there. The teams chose to create films about how everyday people in Swindon, along with businesses and government could make a real difference to people’s lives in Swindon and beyond. For example, by changing how we grow local fresh food, how we travel around Swindon, and by reducing plastic waste.

The project was also supported by UK Research and Innovation, Create Studios and the Centre for Sustainable & Circular Technologies.

Transforming Our Transport

Reduce Waste, Improve Taste!

Plastics: Problems and Possibilities