Can edible insects save the world?

The Big Bug Bake Off!

We know that we need to decarbonize our food supply and that means eating less meat.  

Could insects be the answer as a protein source of the future? 

And would you munch a mealworm or chomp a crunchy cricket?

We challenged three contestants to try some edible insects for themselves, and then create recipe to wow the judges. 

See how they got on...

The Challenge

We invited three brave souls from the National Trust, Helen Browning's Organic and the UK Space Agency to taste a range of baked insects and set them a challenge to come up with a recipe that would impress our team of judges...

So what did our judges think?

We invited judges from Business West, the Royal Agricultural University, and a local secondary school to taste the concoctions and give their verdict!

Maybe we need to eat less meat, eat better farmed meat, or maybe we should be eating differently altogether?

2 billion people in 130 countries worldwide already eat insects. 

 Would you?