The Festival of Tomorrow - About us
The Festival of Tomorrow - About us

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Festival of Tomorrow is a action packed exploration of the wonders of science, innovation and the arts to share new discoveries and technologies to help choose the future we want to see. Centered in Swindon, the hub of UK research and innovation, we share the knowledge and research which will shape the future of the World.

We work with partners to create opportunities for everyone to grow our understanding of how science works, and how it can shape our choices in a changing world.

The Festival of Tomorrow - About us

Where it all started...

With cutting edge exhibitors, hands-on science, talks, shows and workshops, people of all ages and backgrounds can explore the surprising, the entertaining, and inspiring in a way which is fun and accessible whilst being rich in the latest discoveries and advances of real scientist, engineers and researchers.

In 2021 we launched a dedicated schools' programme which received over 13,000 student bookings, and in 2022 we spilled out across Swindon shows, space activities and science busking in the Brunel Centre and local libraries.

The Festival of Tomorrow - About us
The Festival of Tomorrow - About us

Winners of Outstanding Contribution to Swindon and Wiltshire Tech

The Techies is a Business Exchange award scheme to celebrate the innovation and entrepreneurship of the tech community in Swindon and Wiltshire. We were honoured to be shorlisted by the panel and voted for by the tech community for this special new award in 2022.

Proud to be part of the UK Science Festival Network

The UK Science Festivals Network serves to unite, celebrate and develop science festivals in the UK. Managed by the British Science Association, the UK Science Festival Network is a charity that aims to affirm science as a part of British culture and brings science festivals together to share knowledge, experience and contacts. 

The Festival of Tomorrow - About us

Why we do what we do and how

Facing new challenges in a changing world

With UK science at the forefront of responding to global heating and the effects of the Covid pandemic, the vital importance of research and innovation in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) has never been clearer. Cutting through the confusion to share knowledge and research can empower us to face the many challenges we face as individuals and communities – from living better, longer; to tackling biodiversity loss.

Sharing knowledge and creativity

Each year, Festival of Tomorrow shares the latest discoveries, research and developments from organisations and experts from Swindon, the UK and internationally. From revealing how scientists are working to tackle food security to creating UK space ports, from healthy living to machine learning; there’s always something to intrigue everyone, whatever you care about.

Empowering young people

The importance of a STEM workforce and their skills in UK and global society has never been clearer, but there is still a shortage young people pursuing careers in these vital sectors. In Swindon, science and technical skills are becoming increasingly important, yet our young people have some of the lowest qualifications and access to Higher Education in England.  

Over a third of parents say that they lack the knowledge and confidence to advise their children about STEM career choices.

Inspiring the next generation

Through our free, family-focused exhibitor zones, drop in activities and accessible programme of shows, we give young people opportunities to unlock their love of science and technology and help their parents to feel more confident in supporting them in considering STEM careers.

Our Schools programme enables thousands of pupils who would not normally have the opportunity to take part in interactive sessions with top science communicators, join workshops on topics such as training an AI, or chat and ask questions of STEM role models from a wide range of organisations.

Inclusion and diversity

There is an overall lack of representation in the STEM sector of some groups, particularly ethnicities, socio-economic groups, women, disabled people and those from the LGBTQ+ community. Science, research and the arts belong to us all. Without greater diversity and inclusion, valuable skills, experiences and perspectives are lost.

Involving and including everyone

We value the diverse range of backgrounds and interests of our attendees and are always working hard to make our programme and content relevant and engaging for people of all ages. We fundraise to make as much of our activity free for attendees as possible. We work actively with community groups and schools to bring opportunities to people who would not normally engage with science events or content. 

Carole Bent Founder : STEMtoSTEAM Suppers Creative Catalyst Art Partner


In an increasingly robotised world, the need for human creativity, humanity and positive multidisciplinary collaborations has rarely felt more important. The role that the arts play, including in connecting people with science, technology, engineering and maths is essential. I look forward to visiting the Festival of Tomorrow, discovering & exploring developments. I congratulate Rod Hebden and the team in bringing this Festival to life.

- Carole Bent Founder : STEMtoSTEAM Suppers Creative Catalyst Art Partner


We are driven by a mission to inspire, inform and entertain communities across Swindon and the UK.

Now in our fourth year, our goal is to engage 25,000 festival visitors by 2024 – as well as involving thousands more through town centre activity and outreach.

This is only possible with the support of our donors, partners, funders, exhibitors and volunteers.